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Ashiyan Medical College Bangladesh

Studying MBBS at Ashiyan Medical College Bangladesh is a fantastic choice because of the institution’s selfless concern for others’ welfare, which is crucial to building trust. The faculties have the best medical resources and services available, and they are highly qualified. They also actively work to remove barriers to health and discrimination in the medical field. The benefits of studying MBBS in Bangladesh can be attributed to a wide range of additional factors. In Bangladesh, Government University offers an MBBS degree that has been approved by MCI. In all five years of the MBBS program, the institutions adhere to the same Indian Medical Council (MCI) syllabus and use the same Indian Author books and journals. The high pass rate for the FMGE portion of the MCI Screening Test. Additionally, both countries have tropical climates. Studying MBBS in Bangladesh can be a huge relief for students who want to choose MBBS in a foreign country but are unable to afford the high donation or tuition fees.

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Students of Ashiyan Medical College Bangladesh

About Ashiyan Medical College Bangladesh

In accordance with all requirements and standards established by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Ashiyan Medical College Bangladesh was founded in January 2012. The government was happy to approve the admission of 50 students to the first year of the MBBS program beginning in the 2012–2013 academic year. The University of Dhaka has also had a relationship with the college.

 In order to meet the growing demands of the new millennium, Ashiyan Medical College Bangladesh was founded with the promise of producing very high-caliber physicians who are compassionate and capable of developing into good family physicians. The Ashiyan Medical College Bangladesh offers a five-year undergraduate course of study that results in the degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). The curriculum in the AMC MBBS programs complies with the standards set by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC), which is the organization responsible for registering doctors in Bangladesh. AMC is governed by a Governing Body, which is made up of representatives from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Dhaka University, and the Trustee Board in addition to other members, as it is a non-profit organization.

 The most modern teaching techniques are being used. The collegial setting will be felt by the students along with feelings of sharing, caring, and belonging. The supporting staff is prepared and driven to provide the best services. The college administration will stay in constant contact with the parent. AMC has a campus of its own in Barua, Khilkhet-1229. It is a four-story unitary building with all of today’s amenities, and a nine-story building is currently being built. It has a very comprehensive library with all modern amenities and resources. The welfare of students is overseen and managed by a formalized association for students’ welfare. Dormitories are set up for both male and female students, and skilled supervisors are hired to deal with the day-to-day issues and priorities of the hostel students and to look after them.

AMC is expected to rank among the top private medical colleges in Bangladesh, distinguished by its distinctive, laser-focused academic initiatives and global outlook. The goals are to create individuals who have valued contributors to the local, national, and global communities by creating and delivering high-quality programs for the development of health services; believing that each person can reach their potential; providing a setting where students can advance at their own pace; preparing students to handle emergency situations; and developing professional competency to engage in research activities.

Quick Information about Ashiyan Medical College Bangladesh

Course duration

6 years (including internship)




Dhaka 1219, Bangladesh


University of Dhaka



Year of Foundation


Medium of teaching


Total fees

38000 USD

Accepted examination


Admission process at Ashiyan Medical College Bangladesh

  • Foreign students should request an equivalence certificate from the Director-General of the Health Service of the Government of Bangladesh through the Bangladesh Embassy.
  • All diplomas, transcripts, other certificates, and passport photocopies are attested to and authenticated by the country’s Education Board or Ministry of Education.
  • Applicants are required to accurately and completely fill out the application form.
  • Candidates must submit an application and then upload all required scanned copies of their academic records and other supporting documents.
  • Ashiyan Medical College Bangladesh will review the application after it has been submitted along with any necessary supporting materials, and on behalf of the university, it will then send the applicant an offer letter.
  • After receiving an admissions letter from the university, applicants must pay the pending admission procedure fee for the MBBS program. They must also apply for a visa invitation letter by submitting their passports.
  • After receiving the university’s letter of invitation for a visa, applicants must pay the first-year tuition for a medicine course to enroll in the university.
  • The candidate is now ready to leave for the study abroad location to start the MBBS program after all the preparations have been made.

Duration of MBBS in Ashiyan Medical College Bangladesh

At Bangladesh’s Ashiyan Medical College Bangladesh, graduation takes six years. The study is divided into two distinct sections. Five years of coursework are needed to complete a theoretical and research-based degree, then there must be a 12-month internship (Practical and work experience).

One needs to be able to register with BMDC in order to practice medicine. Internships are necessary.

MBBS Syllabus at Ashiyan Medical College Bangladesh




1 year and 6 months

Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry

1st professional MBBS

1 year

Community & Forensic Medicine

2nd professional MBBS

1 year

Pharmacology & therapeutics, Microbiology and Pathology

3rd professional MBBS

1 year and 6 months

Medicine and allied subjects, Surgery and allied subjects, 

Final professional MBBS

Fee Structure of MBBS at Ashiyan Medical College Bangladesh

At the time of seat booking

2000 USD

At the time of admission

12000 USD

1 year

6000 USD

1 year

6000 USD

1 year

6000 USD

1 year

6000 USD

Total fees

38000 USD

Details of fees

Total amount (TK.)

Admission Fee, Course Fee, University/BMDC Registration Fees, Fees for Marksheet Verification, Lab Fees, Fees for In-Course Assessment, Fees for Student Activities, and Other Fees

TK. 16,20,000

Internee fees for per student

TK. 1,80,000

Tuition fee (per month)

TK. 8,000

Total amount

TK. 18,00,000

Hostel and Accommodation at Ashiyan Medical College Bangladesh

  • There is a convenient hostel on the Ashiyan Medical College Bangladesh campus.
  • On the hotel’s property, administrative and educational activities are underway.
  • The hostel is a spacious building with a modern structural layout for a relaxing stay.
  • The only dorm that is reserved for international students has a refrigerator and air conditioning.
  • In the dorm, students may choose between single or shared accommodations.
  • On the hostel grounds, there are separate spaces for boys and girls.
  • The hostel provides continuous internet access throughout the day.
  • The students will receive a sizable mess with a wide selection of foods at reasonable prices.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh Bangladesh

Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is a fantastic choice for those who want to pursue a career in medicine because the institutions have a selfless concern for others’ welfare, which is essential to developing trust. The faculties are highly qualified and have access to the best medical resources and services. Additionally, they work hard to eliminate barriers to good health and prejudice in the medical industry. Numerous other factors also have an impact on the advantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh. The MBBS degree granted by Bangladesh’s Government University has received MCI approval. The institutions use the same Indian Author books and journals throughout the five-year MBBS program and follow the same Indian Medical Council (MCI) syllabus. high FMGE test pass rate on the MCI Screening Test. Both countries have tropical climates. If you want to pursue your MBBS abroad but can’t afford the high donation or tuition costs, Bangladesh is a fantastic option.

The country’s medical facilities offer services that students can easily access and afford. Because of this, deciding to study MBBS in Bangladesh is a very wise choice. There are no language barriers on the campuses of medical institutions because English is the primary language of instruction. Private medical colleges and schools support their students by providing all modern conveniences.

Living Cost in Bangladesh


Amount in USD

Amount in INR


60 USD

4,200 Rs


56.7 USD

3,969 Rs


11.4 USD

794 Rs

Our Assistance for MBBS Admission in Ashiyan Medical College Bangladesh

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