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In order to offer Bangladeshi citizens affordable access to high-quality medical education, research, and services, a group of committed individuals founded Northern International Medical College in 2005. Bangladesh’s Northern International Medical College Hospital has contributed significantly to the growth of the country’s medical workforce since its establishment.

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Through the identification and determination of the vision, message, values, objectives, guiding philosophy, and mechanism of work, which are summarised as follows, all the policies have been set up to ensure support and enhancement of the quality of the health services provided to the patients. The Northern International Medical College Board of Directors, professional staff, volunteers, and all employees make a commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Therefore, Northern International Medical College Hospital strives to offer reasonable pay, suitable working conditions, and chances for education and personal development. Northern International upholds its dedication to continuous quality improvement and excellence in patient care and service through competent leadership and a high level of cooperation among management, individual employees, medical, dental, and podiatric practitioners, volunteers, allied health professionals, and members of the community at large.

  • Advantages
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Documents Required
  • The Northern International Medical College offers a well-rounded educational setting, full-time faculty, first-rate buildings, first-rate labs, first-rate housing, plush classrooms, and technology-enhanced learning.
  • The institute provides top-notch education and cutting-edge research.
  • The Northern International Medical College produces doctors who are dedicated to upholding social values, professional ethics, and lifelong learning. These specialists possess expertise, compassion, and knowledge.
  • Because not all students can afford the high tuition fees charged by private medical universities in India, the Northern International Medical College MBBS programme can be a great relief for students who want to study medicine abroad.
  • Language barriers are not an issue at the college because English is the language of instruction. This makes it easier to remove all types of obstacles.
  • This college has ties to many of Bangladesh's top doctors.
  • Any top medical school in Bangladesh will accept direct applications from Indian students. There are no additional entrance tests required.
  • For the benefit of the students, the college is well-organized and equipped with all contemporary conveniences.
  • Students from all over the world can also access first-rate dining options.
  • The hospital will make lab and immunisation services available to the neighbourhood. This will increase the population's need for healthcare services while also lowering future travel and exchange costs abroad.
  • It provides the best opportunities and career advice.
  • The college's campus is equipped with first-rate amenities.
  • High calibre clinical activities are available.
  • It has consistently pushed the limits of medical education.
  • Serving others satisfies a sense of obligation and providence.
  • Additionally, the college emphasises social responsibility.
  • HSC or comparable in Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)
  • In both the SSC and HSC exams, the candidate must obtain the necessary grade point.
  • procedure for choosing students for the MBBS programme: In accordance with the judgement of the appropriate competent authority based on merit
  • The applicants must be undergraduate students who will not be older than 25 on July 31 and who are at least 17 years old.
  • Application Form.
  •  X and XII mark sheets & passing certificate.
  •  NEET scored report.
  •  Passport size photos.
  •  Passport.
  •  National ID card.
  •  Medical Certificate.
  •  Birth Certificate.
  •  Cast certificate.
  •  Migration certificate.
  • Transfer certificate.
  •  Invitation letter.
  •  HIV test certificate.
  •  COVID-19 report.
  •  Bank receipt.

Quick Information About Northern International Medical College

Course Duration

5 years + 1-year internship

Year of foundation



University of Dhaka





Medium of teaching


Accepted examination


Why study MBBS at Northern International Medical College

  • When compared to the cost of an MBBS in India, Northern International Medical College’s tuition fee is incredibly low.
  • English is the language of instruction used primarily in the MBBS program.
  • Around the world, it grants prestigious medical degrees.
  • The application of contemporary infrastructure and technology to medical research is encouraged.
  • The hospital and college buildings both display contemporary design.
  • No entrance exams or language evaluations are necessary.
  • No donation or capitation fee is required for entry.
  • Excellent academic faculty to provide excellent medical education.
  • A library with a sizable collection of books, journals, and resources about medicine.
  • A teaching anatomy lab’s accessibility.

Affiliation & Recognition of Northern International Medical College

  • Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BMDC).
  • The University of Dhaka.
  • World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Medical Council of India (Now NMC).
  • Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
  • Approved by UGC.


Duration of MBBS in Northern International Medical College

Northern International Medical College offers 5-year MBBS programmes with a focus on English literature. After completing their MBBS program, all medical students are required to complete an internship. It must be a 12-month internship. The aspirants are given opportunities for internships in hospitals under the supervision of professionals. Doctoral degrees are available to all medical students at the Northern International Medical College.

Admission Procedure of Northern International Medical College

  • Applicants must completely fill out the application form.
  • Applications must be fully filled out and submitted with all required supporting materials, including scanned copies of the candidate’s academic records.
  • The medical college will send the applicant an offer letter on behalf of the university after reviewing the application and any necessary supplemental materials.
  • Candidates for the MBBS programme must pay the pending admission procedure fee once they have received an admissions letter from the university. Along with their application for a visa invitation letter, they must submit their passports.
  • Upon receiving a letter from the university inviting the applicant to submit a visa application, the applicant is required to pay the first-year tuition for a medicine course in order to enrol in the university.
  • The candidate is now ready to leave and start the MBBS programme at the study abroad location after making all the necessary preparations.

MBBS Syllabus at Northern International Medical College




1 year and 6 months

Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry

1st professional MBBS

1 year

Community & Forensic Medicine

2nd professional MBBS

1 year

Pharmacology & therapeutics, Microbiology and Pathology

3rd professional MBBS

1 year and 6 months

Medicine and allied subjects, Surgery, and allied subjects, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Final professional MBBS

Fee Structure of MBBS At Northern International Medical College


Amount USD

One-time development cost

13,200 USD

Admission charge

2,000 USD

For every month’s tuition fee


Clinical class fee, per-unit (200X18)

3600 USD

Medical course (250X42)

10,500 USD

Hostel fees

4,500 USD


1,000 USD

Registration fees

1,000 USD

Added costs (one time)

2,400 USD

Total Fee

38,200 USD

MBBS in Bangladesh

For those who want to work in the medical field, studying MBBS in Bangladesh is a fantastic choice because the institutions value the welfare of others, which is crucial to building trust. The faculties have the best medical resources and services available to them and are highly qualified. They also put a lot of effort into getting rid of discrimination in the medical field and obstacles to good health. The benefits of studying MBBS in Bangladesh are influenced by many other factors as well. MCI has approved the MBBS degree awarded by Bangladesh’s Government University. Throughout the five-year MBBS program, the institutions follow the same Indian Medical Council (MCI) syllabus and use the same books and journals by Indian Authors. high MCI Screening Test pass rate for the FMGE test. The weather is tropical in both nations. Bangladesh is an excellent choice if you want to pursue your MBBS abroad but can’t afford the high donation or tuition costs.


Students can easily and affordably access the medical services provided by the country’s institutions. So it only makes sense to select Bangladesh for your MBBS study abroad program. In medical institutions, English is the primary language of instruction, so there are no language barriers. Private medical colleges and universities are fully furnished with all contemporary conveniences to support the students.

Living Cost in Bangladesh


Amount in USD

Amount in INR


60 USD

4,200 Rs


56.7 USD

3,969 Rs


11.4 USD

794 Rs


Our Assistance for MBBS Admission at Northern International Medical College

EDU Times offers some of the best educational opportunities for those seeking to pursue an MBBS abroad. We help students who want to be doctors, but we also help the next generation of teachers. We provided top-notch facilities and more than 10,000 scholarships for students who wished to enroll in universities abroad. We also give advice on the visa application process and guide students step-by-step through the admissions process. Contact one of our top consultants at any time for the best and most useful study abroad advice.

Popular MBBS Destination for Indian Students

CountryAverage Tuition Fees(INR)
MBBS in Russia12 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs
MBBS in Bangladesh23 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs
MBBS in Egypt30 Lakhs to 35 Lakhs
MBBS in Philippines22 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan13 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs
MBBS in Georgia30 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs
MBBS in Nepal45 Lakhs to 70 Lakhs
MBBS in Kazakhstan15 Lakhs to 22 Lakhs
MBBS in Armenia15 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs


Frequently Asked Questions

An established college for MBBS study is Northern International Medical College. One of the nation's most competitive universities in terms of cost of attendance is this one. To deserving students who need financial aid, scholarships are made available. The Dhaka University-affiliated institution is renowned for its excellent facilities, affordable education, and cutting-edge technology.

Participants in the MBBS programme at Northern International Medical College are not required to take the IELTS or TOEFL tests.

The faculty at Northern International Medical College and the MBBS curriculum place equal importance on theoretical and practical learning. The theory is explained and covered in detail in class lectures. During their final year of internships, students receive instruction from practising medical professionals in laboratories.

The dormitory and college buildings both provide 24/7 wireless internet access to students.

The answer to this question is no, Northern International Medical College students on student visas are not permitted to work while completing their MBBS.

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