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Looking to study MBBS in Ireland? Find out everything you need to know about MBBS admission in Ireland, including eligibility, application process, and top medical colleges. Start your journey towards a successful medical career in Ireland today!

Studying MBBS in Ireland for Indian students is a great option, as the country is home to a large Indian community and has a welcoming culture. You will also have the opportunity to learn from experienced Indian doctors and medical professionals who have made Ireland their home.

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The island nation of Ireland is located in the westernmost point of Europe. It is the second-largest island in the continent (after Great Britain). Eighty percent of this area is occupied by the Republic of Ireland, whereas a sizable portion of the northern region is owned by the United Kingdom.

Wide swaths of beautiful, green fields can be seen across Ireland. In actuality, it is referred to as the Emerald Isle. But there are also huge stretches of rocky, uneven terrain. Ireland was entirely submerged by massive glaciers some 15,000 years ago. Huge expanses of flat, limestone pavement were left behind as a result of these enormous ice sheets’ movement, which removed the soil.

Ireland’s west coast and midlands are riddled with wet peat bogs, the soggy remains of glaciers’ dried-up old lakes. The majority of Ireland’s highlands rise towards the southwest and frequently finish at cliffs that drop a great distance into the Atlantic Ocean.

People and culture

Ireland is a storytelling country. The custom originated with Celtic bards who used to write down and recite the nation’s history. Ireland has produced many well-known authors, including five Nobel Prize winners in literature.

Every year on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the world and is celebrated with parades, lucky charms, and everything green. Once a religious festival, the occasion has evolved into a celebration of Irish culture. ​


The Irish have a deep love of the countryside and the natural world. Even the first coins issued by the nation had animal images. The majority of Ireland’s open spaces have remained essentially unaltered due to the country’s low levels of development and pollution.

Several animals that are found on the continent of Europe cannot get to the island because of the sea. There are just two different species of wild mice, one sort of lizard, and three different kinds of amphibians.

Government conservation initiatives safeguard the wildlife of Ireland. The government has created hundreds of national historic areas across the nation, along with six national parks, to protect natural habitat.

Study MBBS In Ireland

In either a hospital or a community setting, a doctor’s primary responsibility is to their patients. Doctors have a key role in this situation as both the focal point of patient care and the point of contact for the rest of the healthcare team. In order to develop new theories about how the human body functions normally and abnormally, diagnostic techniques, and therapeutic approaches, doctors also serve as administrators in biomedical research. One of a doctor’s areas of interest is researching the effects of disease on locals during a pandemic, as well as holding important positions in pharmaceutical, medical device, health insurance, and management of health and safety at work. The basic medical sciences of Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry are a part of the MBBS curriculum in Ireland, and clinical instruction is prioritised.

More than 85% of students finish their secondary school, and more than two thirds continue their study at the university level. Many students’ dreams of pursuing an MBBS in Ireland are among the many job alternatives available to them. Some people try to enroll in medical schools in their own countries, while others search for options abroad. Even if there are countless possibilities available to a student, choosing to study medicine in Ireland becomes clear-cut when taking into account two key aspects: the facilities and the cost of the program. When it comes to the number of graduates per 1,000 people, Ireland is ranked #1 in Europe. Despite Ireland’s reputation as an IT centre, the healthcare and medical industries are also quite well-liked.

MCI and WHO have approved and ranked in the top 300 the MBBS programs offered by Irish universities. The best MBBS programs in Ireland last five years, and students are advised to enroll in a one-year internship. The integrated, meticulous, systems-based medical curriculum with a strong research emphasis and top-notch teaching facilities is only one of the numerous benefits of studying MBBS in Ireland. Here is a list of Irish universities that provide the MBBS degree.

The small-group, patient-focused instruction is a distinctive characteristic of top MBBS universities in Ireland. The ability to listen, communicate, take a history, and conduct a clinical examination is understood by learners. Learn MBBS in Ireland to study the best medical education procedures, which are continually reviewed and assessed. A wide range of student-selected courses, such as research projects and humanities workshops, further complement the curriculum.

Quick Overview About Studying MBBS in Ireland 2023

View a brief description of the study MBBS in Ireland:

Basic Eligibility

Good score in PCB(10+2)


Yes, it’s required

Minimum course fee

Rs 24 Lakhs/year

Maximum course fee

Rs. 36 Lakhs/year

Cost of living Ireland

Rs. 20-30 thousand/month

MBBS course duration

5+1 year



Medium of teaching


Top Medical Universities

●      Trinity college

●       Dublin


Why Choose to Study MBBS in Ireland?

Ireland has a world-class educational infrastructure, cutting-edge teaching techniques, and highly qualified faculty because it is an English-speaking nation. Following is a summary of the factors that have led more than 10,000 Indian students to enrol in MBBS programs at prestigious Irish universities:

  • An Irish MBBS degree is comparable to those from the UK, USA, Europe, and other Asian nations. It is also highly recognised by the WHO, MCI, IMED, GMC, and USMLE. The admissions procedure is also quite simple.
  • The typical degree program lasts six years, consisting of five years of study and one year of internship.
  • For Indian students, medical institutions provide reasonable tuition and living expenses.
  • By ongoing involvement with patients, the MBBS program in Ireland is patient-centric.
  • participation in ground-breaking and creative research-driven projects in several medical specialties.
  • Some of Ireland’s top hospitals provide campus placement and internship options for students who study there.
  • Indian food is available on campus as well as an Indian hostel.
  • Also, there is a ragging-free environment at all universities.

MBBS in Ireland for Indian Students

The cost of the MBBS programme in Ireland is very low, and the fee schedule is also very reasonable. This has caused a large number of Indian students to swarm there to pursue MBBS. Indians who wish to pursue a medical degree will find Ireland to be a haven as there are numerous scholarship opportunities available there. Ireland has actively promoted its educational universities in India due to the size and scope of MBBS aspirants.

Because there are no additional exams necessary besides the NEET exam, medical school in Ireland is one of the best choices for Indian students. Indian students find it very appealing to study in a country with such cutting-edge technology due to the country’s highly developed educational system. Students benefit from the ease of not having to search outside the university for food and lodging because universities provide those services. Students can eat vegetarian food and go to Indian restaurants.

The application process for a student visa to Ireland is simple, and the majority of student visa requests are granted by the embassy. Although a difficult and advanced syllabus can be overwhelming, students can earn an MBBS degree with the right attitude. Despite the fact that there are already hundreds of Indian students studying in Ireland, there is already some familiarity with the nation. The availability of libraries and book banks, as well as the use of English as the language of instruction, benefit Indian students. Assimilation into the culture isn’t that difficult because it’s a lovely country with welcoming citizens.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Ireland

  • International acclaim is accorded to Ireland’s medical universities and schools.
  • There are students from more than 50 different countries enrolled at Irish medical universities.
  • Universities in Ireland offer educational curricula that are not only cutting edge but also student centred.
  • Clinical skills and patient contact are included early on in the MBBS course structure at the Irish medical universities.
  • The greatest medical universities and schools in Ireland provide campus possibilities at some of the country’s premier hospitals.
  • For MBBS admission in Irish medical universities, there are no contribution or capitation fees necessary.
  • Ireland’s MBBS program is taught entirely in English.
  • Ireland’s medical universities offer top-notch prospects for both education and research.
  • The NMC and WHO both recognize various medical universities.

Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS in Ireland

Eligibility criterias to study MBBS in Ireland are given below:

  • Students who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to enrol in degree programs.
  • A current NEET card is required for students. Only students who have passed the NEET exam are eligible to pursue the study abroad option.
  • Students must have received at least a 60% on their 10+2 or equivalent test in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • For students who scored close to 50%, foundations and diploma programs are also offered, but the required knowledge is difficult. Because of this, students should consider it before applying for the course.
  • IELTS or TOFEL success as evidence of English competence.

Admission Process to Study MBBS in Iraland

MBBS admission process in Ireland are following some steps:

Step 1: Students must apply to undergraduate courses through Ireland’s Central Applications Office (CAO), a centralised online enrollment system.

Step 2: Students whose first language is not English must demonstrate their competency in the English language by taking tests like the TOFEL or IELTS in order to enrol in a course of study in Ireland. Students need an IELTS score of at least 6.0.

Step 3: Students should take the HPAT evaluation test as well. Their capacity for logical reasoning, problem-solving, and communication will be evaluated by this test.

Step 4: Based on their prior criteria, a student’s points gained and their HPAT score will be combined to establish their eligibility.

Step 5: In addition to the four to six years of medical school, students should complete a yearlong internship.

Documents Required to Study MBBS in Ireland

The list of documents needed to enrol in an MBBS programme in Ireland are given below:

  • An up-to-date passport-size photo
  • A letter of acceptance stating that the student has been accepted into a full-time program from an accredited Irish university.
  • good results on the TOFEL or IELTS tests.
  • A document serving as verification that the tuition has been paid, such as a receipt.
  • Bank statements from the student’s or parent’s accounts are required as proof of sufficient funds (at least Rs. 5.5 – 6 lakhs), as these funds are needed to cover the cost of living in Ireland for one year.
  • Documents relating to medical insurance from a private medical insurer.
  • A document proving that your parents or sponsor will be able to pay you $5 to $6 each year while you’re at school.

MBBS in Ireland Syllabus 2023

Course Year


1st Year

●      Human Biology

●      Cardiovascular Biology

●      Respiratory Biology and Metabolism

●      Gastrointestinal,

●      Nutritional and Metabolic Biology

2nd Year

●      Medical Pharmacology

●      Mechanisms of Disease

●      Neuroscience

●      Bone Metabolism

●      Renal Mechanisms of Homeostasis and Associated Anatomy

3rd Year

●      Epidemiology for Evidence-Based Healthcare

●      Clinical Science and Practice III, IV and V

●      Fundamentals of Therapy

●      Manifestations of Disease

4th year

●      Psychiatry

●      Behavioural Medicine

●      Reproduction

●      Pregnancy

●      Child Health and Development

●      Fundamentals of Adult Disease

●      Forensic Medicine and the Coroner’s Court

5th year

●      Principles and Practice of Surgery

●      Principles and Practice of Internal Medicine and General Practice

Top Medical College in Ireland

University Name

QS Rankings

Trinity College, Dublin (TCD)         


Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)


University College Dublin (UCD)


University College Cork (UCC)       


University of Limerick (UL)


Duration of Studying MBBS Program in Ireland

The best universities in Ireland require 7.5 years to complete the MBBS/MD programme. Some colleges with affordable tuition don’t adhere to this system. The amount of time needed is the same as in Ireland and Russia. The MBBS programme lasts 6 years. Many students choose to study at the PG level in Ireland after their MBBS. This new trend is advantageous for rapid career advancement.

MBBS in Ireland Fee Structure


Name of the Colleges

Fee structure


National University of Ireland

Rs. 26 Lakhs


University College Cork (UCC)       

Rs. 37 lakhs


University College Dublin (UCD)

Rs. 40 Lakhs


University of Limerick (UL)

Rs. 34.5 Lakhs


Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)

Rs. 42 Lakhs


Trinity College, Dublin (TCD)

Rs. 38 Lakhs


Scholarships for Studying MBBS in Ireland

A student’s life is greatly impacted by scholarships, education loans, and grants, particularly if the student intends to study MBBS abroad. Do not be concerned; you can rely on these scholarships to study MBBS in Ireland. More than these are available. Check with the college you are applying to as each college offers different ways to assist financially with overseas students.

Take Off Abroad and Education in Ireland– a national Irish organization, offers 15 undergraduate students scholarships for a total of EUR 6,000.

SUSI (Student Universal Support in Ireland)- It is a group that wants to demand covering holding fees for nine months out of every academic year.

Centenary Scholarship Program – Students from Brazil, China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the United States are eligible for this program. It pays for one year’s worth of tuition.

Scholarships for International Students at NUI Galway – Deserving non-EU students enrolling in undergraduate, graduate, or research programs may be eligible for this scholarship. Depending on the program, the sum can range from $2,200 to $5,700. In some cases, tuition expenses are also waived. Candidates for research positions are paid $18,300 annually.

Scholarships at Trinity College Dublin – Trinity College Dublin offers a variety of scholarships for students from particular nations. Depending on the kind, the value ranges from $5,700 to $11,400.

Cost to Study MBBS in Ireland

In comparison to other nations, Ireland has substantially higher tuition fees for MBBS programs.

In Ireland, the cost of an MBBS program runs from Rs. 24 lakhs to Rs. 36 lakhs each year, and the program takes 4-6 years to complete. Hence, the total price for a full medical program would be between 1.3 and 1.5 Cr.

The cost of other expenses, such as lodging, food, textbooks, and other personal costs like utilities, phone, entertainment, and clothing, would range from 6 to 10 lakhs every year.

Thus, the total cost for the five to six-year course will be roughly 50 to 60 lakhs. The overall cost would be between 1.8 and 2 Cr. if the two costs were added together.

Consequently, obtaining a medical degree from Ireland is very expensive, but it is worth every penny because their universities are well-known around the world.

Anyone wishing to enrol in a course that will last longer than three months must apply for a student visa. A student visa for Ireland may be applied for up to three months in advance of departure.

You can only stay in Ireland if you have a student visa from Ireland. Moreover, switching from a degree program to a language or non-degree program is not permitted.

Career Opportunities After MBBS in Ireland

Clinical practice and following specialised courses are two work alternatives in Ireland after earning a medical degree. The medical field is viewed as a very honourable and reputable one. The focus of this career is learning at each candidate’s medical career level and contributes to social prosperity.

Ireland’s well-regarded healthcare system is completely the result of professionals.

On average, doctors may anticipate earning USD 59601 a year (218928 AED per year). In Ireland, the average annual salary for housing is 64416 USD (236611 AED per year).

Top beat MBBS universities in Ireland

  1. National University of Ireland.
  2. University College Cork (UCC).
  3. University College Dublin (UCD).
  4. University of Limerick (UL).
  5. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI).
  6. Trinity College, Dublin (TCD).

Why Take Admission Through EDUTimes?

Choosing to study medicine abroad can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to selecting the right institution and navigating the complex admission process. This is where EDUTimes comes in, as it provides professional counseling and guidance to students looking to study MBBS abroad.EDUTimes is based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and has a team of experienced consultants who specialize in providing personalized assistance to students. They have a comprehensive understanding of the admission process, and provide tailored advice to students depending on their individual needs and preferences.

One of the major benefits of taking admission through EDUTimes is that they have a vast network of partner institutions abroad. They work with several prestigious universities across the globe, and can assist students in selecting the best option that suits their needs. Their consultants are also well-versed in the eligibility criteria and admission requirements of each institution, which can greatly simplify the application process for students.

In addition, EDUTimes also provides support to students in obtaining scholarships and financial aid. They have a deep understanding of the various financial options available for students, and can guide them in securing the best funding opportunities.

Overall, EDUTimes is an excellent choice for students looking to study medicine abroad. Their professional guidance, personalized counseling, and extensive network of partner institutions make the admission process much smoother and more manageable for students.

Frequently Asked Questions

The NEET card must be up to date for every student. Only those students can pursue an education overseas who have passed the NEET exam. A minimum 60% grade in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry in a 10+2 exam or an equivalent is required.

Ireland consistently ranks in the top ten nations on the Global Peace Index of 2018* and 2017*, making it one of the friendliest and safest choices for Indian students. The safety of students on campus is also a top priority for Irish universities.

Applicants must submit their applications for a student VISA at least three months before they plan to move to Ireland. Before departing for Ireland to pursue higher education, the candidate must submit an application for a national visa and proof of their financial position.

You are recommended to focus on your studies because getting an MBBS in Ireland calls for a lot of effort and focus. Working alongside the course is not recommended. To give students the opportunity to learn more in-depth information and practical experience, several colleges offer paid internships during the final year.

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