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Embark on a journey to study MBBS in Italy and experience a world-class medical education. Explore top universities and get admission guidance for MBBS admission in Italy. Start your path to a successful medical career today with Study MBBS in Italy.

MBBS in Italy enjoys a stellar reputation for offering superior medical education due to strict training standards, sophisticated and cutting-edge tactics, and logical approaches. Italy has the best universities among medical schools, according to renowned international organizations as WHO, NMC, and UNESCO. You will not only have the chance to learn about managing educational foundations while studying medicine in Italy, but you will also get the chance to experience the vibrant Italian way of life.

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Italy is a country in southern Europe with a land mass that juts far into the Mediterranean Sea. Italy is sometimes represented as a nation shaped like a boot and contains some of the most varied and beautiful landscapes on Earth. The Alps, which rank among the roughest mountains in the world, are perched at its broad summit. Together with Monte Rosa, the best in Switzerland, and Mt Blanc, the best in France, Italy has some of the highest centers in the world. The western Alps ignore an area with Alpine lakes and valleys carved by by glacier sheets that descend to the Po River and Piedmont. Tuscany, which is south of the cisalpine region, is arguably the most well-known place in the country. The lofty Apennine Range, adjacent to Rome, begins from the northern Alps and runs down the length of the country before encircling almost the entire Italian peninsula. South of Rome, the Apennines are tightly framed by two wide seashore areas, one facing the Tyrrhenian Mediterranean and the other the Adriatic Sea. Wild pigs, wolves, asps, and bears are just a few of the many animal species that thrive in the lower Apennine chain because a significant portion of it is close to the wild. These species are uncommon elsewhere in western Europe. Many powerful volcanoes, especially Vesuvius, which occasionally spews debris and steam into the air above Naples and its island-flung sound, contribute to the structural instability of the southern Apennines. Sicily and Sardinia are two Mediterranean-bound islands that are located in the lower portion of the nation.

Study MBBS In Italy

MBBS in Italy enjoys a stellar reputation for offering superior medical education due to strict training standards, sophisticated and cutting-edge tactics, and logical approaches. Italy has the best universities among medical schools, according to renowned international organizations as WHO, NMC, and UNESCO. You will not only have the chance to learn about managing educational foundations while studying medicine in Italy, but you will also get the chance to experience the vibrant Italian way of life. The high quality of medical guidance is the reason that more and more students are opting to study MBBS in Italy. The MBBS program in Italy is completed in about six years.

While deciding between several nations to pursue an MBBS, Italy positions itself as arguably the most sensible rival. This is so because it boasts the best-established colleges, especially in the field of medicine. The convenience of receiving an A-list education while enjoying Italy’s beautiful environment is motivating students to study MBBS there in 2023–2024. In Italy, earning an MBBS degree typically takes six years. In order to improve their capacity for logical reasoning and comprehension, students are encouraged to engage in self-learning as a component of the tasks provided. The instructional plan also includes discussions in the homeroom. To meet the rigorous training standards in Italy, each course is taught using a different approach, and great attention is made to do so.

Quick Overview About Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 2023

View a brief description of the study MBBS in Italy:


NMC and WHO approved Colleges


70% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology Aggregate

Course Duration

6 Years


Yes, compulsory


Not Required

Medium of Teaching



Why Choose to Study MBBS in Italy?

Italy is a relatively cheaper place to study MBBS than other European countries. When you have your work permit, the institutions also provide you the option of interning and working solely after classes. Successfully passing the admission exam for the MBBS program in Italy can also help you qualify for scholarships that cover both your living and tuition costs. Even though private institutions can be pricey, education is an investment that is worthwhile. The MBBS curriculum in Italy is aligned with the global examination structure. The first semester starts in late September or early October and ends in late January or early February. Each semester lasts around 20 weeks, which includes a 6-week assessment session. An MBBS in Italy is a fantastic option because several schools and colleges provide current alumni programs to students who want to continue their education and research.

  • Italy requires IMAT proficiency for study there.
  • There is no capitalization cost.
  • The organizations that this Indian medical committee considers for the MCI-led screening exams admit Indian students who are seeking admission.
  • Due to superbly prepared multi-profile medical clinics, there is a wide range of potential outcomes and thorough openness to medical practice.
  • It is not necessary to make a donation to get admitted to Italian MBBS universities.
  • The cost of education is extremely low to moderate.
  • Italian medical schools were acknowledged by prestigious organizations like WHO and MCI.
  • Also, the normal price for necessities for students is low.
  • The MBBS programs in Italy are taught using an English-based curriculum.
  • The amenities in hostels are nice and adequate for a student’s comfort.
  • Italian medical schools offer excellent academics, just like in sports.
  • The MBBS diploma that graduates of Italian medical schools receive is well-known and extraordinarily valuable.
  • After completing their MBBS program, students are eligible to work at government emergency clinics.
  • Medical students in Italy can gain practical experience at government clinics.

MBBS in Italy for Indian Students

  • The state-of-the-art facilities and elite staff are perfect for Indian MBBS aspirants.
  • For students from India, living and educational costs in Italy are quite affordable. They provide internationally recognized MBBS degrees.
  • MCI, WHO, and other internationally recognized organizations have high opinions about the Italian MBBS colleges.
  • About all of Italy’s locations are suitable for students. No admission test, such as the TOEFL or IELTS, is required for confirmation.
  • The admissions procedure is simple and crucial.
  • Acceptance requires no donations.
  • In the unlikely event if you yearn for some disgusting meal, you can purchase Indian food here.
  • The setting is suitable for Indians.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Italy

  • Expensive: Compared to other countries, the cost of schooling is also lower. For students who need a valid excuse to study medicine in Italy, this is.
  • Highly recognized University: Italy is home to a large number of venerable universities that stand out for their creativity.
  • Possibilities for Scholarships: Every year, Italy offers a variety of scholarships to foreign students who want to study medicine there for no tuition.
  • Easy Entrance Procedure: The Italian MBBS admissions procedure is very straightforward. Being experts in foreigner immigration regulations, they provide assistance to students who are applying.
  • Easy Transportation: Students may surely help with Italy’s unique transportation offices, which are closely related to the country. Transportation is made simple by the availability of taxis, cable cars, and other means of transportation.
  • Study in English: Given that the majority of Italian colleges use English as their primary language of instruction, studying for the MBBS degree there is a respectable choice for Indian students.
  • World-Recognized Degree: UNESCO, WHO, MCI, European Council, and other reputable organizations accept an Italian college’s MBBS degree as having international standing. Hence, choosing to study MBBS in Italy became a common choice among students.

Unmatched infrastructure: Italian colleges provide students with cutting-edge technology and first-rate amenities.

Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS in Italy

  • To pursue PCB, students must have completed their 10+2 on a standard board.
  • 70% in class 12 biology, chemistry, and physics.
  • NEET clearance.
  • Students ought to be English-speaking (IELTS not required).
  • There is no upper age limit in Italy, although the student must be at least 17 years old.

Admission Process to Study MBBS in Italy

  • Use the university portal to apply.
  • Complete the application.
  • Provide the documents’ scanned copies.
  • The offer letter should be accepted and safely stored for later use.
  • Pay the registration costs for the college of your choice.
  • Once you have paid your tuition costs, you can apply for a visa.
  • To study in Italy, obtain a visa as soon as possible.
  • Plan a trip to Italy.
  • Arrive in Italy by plane and begin attending your lectures.

Documents Required to Study MBBS in Italy

  • A copy of a passport with a minimum 18-month expiration date
  • Copies of the 10th and 12th grade passing certificates and mark sheets.
  • A copy of the offer letter and a birth certificate
  • Health certification
  • 10 photos in passport size
  • All documents are approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Visa costs
  • HIV test records and findings

MBBS in Italy Syllabus 2023



First Year

Anatomy and Histology

Second Year

Histology, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology

Third Year

Microbiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Path Physiology Clinical Subjects and Clinical Posting

Fourth Year

Microbiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Path Physiology Clinical Subjects and Clinical Posting

Top Ranked Medical College in Italy

University Name

Year of Establishment

Humanitas University


University of Florence


University of Pisa


University of Studies, Udine


Duration of Studying MBBS Program in Italy

In Italy, the duration of the MBBS program (which is known as “Laurea Magistrale in Medicina e Chirurgia” in Italian) is six years. The curriculum is divided into three cycles, with the first two years covering basic science subjects such as anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, and pharmacology. The next three years focus on clinical subjects such as internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, and psychiatry. The final year is dedicated to clinical rotations, where students work under the supervision of experienced physicians in various departments and specialties. Upon completion of the program, students are awarded a medical degree and can go on to pursue further training or enter the workforce as physicians.

MBBS in Italy Fee Structure


Name of Colleges



Humanitas University Italy

INR 4 – 6 lakhs 


Universita Di Firenze Italy

INR 4 – 6 lakhs 


University of Udine Italy

INR 7- 8 lakhs


University of Turin Italy

INR 5 – 6 lakhs


University of Pisa Italy

INR 4 – 5 lakhs

Scholarships for Studying MBBS in Italy

The service of international issues and global engagement, run by the Italian public authority in collaboration with the public authorities of other nations, including India, offers Italian government scholarships. Students from India can also enroll for the MBBS program in Italy at Italian educational institutions to benefit from the scholarship’s benefits. The Italian government offers high-scoring students a full subsidy for their tuition costs. The average cost of attending school in Italy is about 1200+ Euros per year, in addition to living expenditures, which can reach up to 550+ Euros per month. Indian students may also submit an application for the prize. The admissions process at Saint Petersburg Pediatric Medical University is incredibly simple. Applicants who are applying to the MBBS program should keep in mind the supporting centers.

Cost to Study MBBS in Italy

The cost of an MBBS program in Italy is really affordable. It costs between 20 and 30 lakhs for the entire degree at the majority of Italian medical universities.

Career Opportunities After MBBS in Italy

  • As a general practitioner or physician, practice medicine.
  • complete specialization throughout residency.
  • To enter research, pursue a postgraduate degree such as a Ph.D.

Studying MBBS in India vs Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan


MBBS In Italy

MBBS In India

Entrance Test

IMAT is necessary

To qualify for NEET with a high percentage and cutoff, you must have a strong grade in your 12th grade.


In Italy, the MD equivalent degree for MBBS in India is awarded to medical graduates studying at Italian universities

In India, the MBBS degree is awarded to medical graduates who have successfully completed the MBBS course

Course Duration

The course duration of MBBS In Italy is of 6 Years

MBBS In India course duration is of 5.5 years (4.5 years academics + 1-year Internship)


Students get international exposure and you get more growth opportunities.

Students have no international exposure and limited opportunities for growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. MBBS in Italy: Is it good?

Italy is renowned for its top-notch MBBS education, and it has the most qualified faculty and accredited institutions for the study of MBBS there.

In Italy, you must be 17 years old to enroll in an MBBS program. There is no imposed upper age limit

Italy's MBBS degree is recognized across the world.

Yes, NEET is required to study for the MBBS in Italy.

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